Potato Tower: how to make it for maximum production | February 4, 2024


It can be difficult to grow potatoes in a small space, but you can increase your production in a small space by using a potato tower. For urban gardeners or those with little plots, potato towers—especially those made of straw—are a great alternative. Here’s a detailed guide on building one, along with several advantages.

What a Potato Tower Can Offer

  1. Room Efficiency: Potato towers are ideal for tiny gardens or balconies because they take up very little room on the ground.
  2. Harvesting potatoes from a tower is a more straightforward process compared to digging them up from the ground.
  3. Decreased Pest and Disease Risk: Raising the growth medium shields the crop from diseases and pests that are carried by the soil.
  4. greater Drainage and Aeration: A tower’s design promotes greater air and water flow, which is essential for the healthy growth of potatoes.

Materials Needed

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