She saw a moving trash bag and knew right once that there was life inside! | September 18, 2023

Melissa Sergeant Lewis had a remarkably peculiar day that fundamentally altered her life. She was rushing because she was already running behind as she departed for work one day in her automobile. He noticed a black trash bag in the center of the road while driving.


He observed that the bag was moving as she tried to drive past it. The lady was in awe.

Melissa pulled over and went to get a closer look at what was in the bag since she knew right away that there was something alive within.

She unzipped the bag without thinking twice or worrying about her safety, and much to her amazement, there was a puppy inside.


How could someone be so cruel as to abandon a puppy in a garbage bag that is tied? Not only was he abandoned, but by tying the garbage bag, you also eliminated any possibility of survival.

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