Shredded Buffalo Chicken | October 18, 2023


What is Shredded Buffalo Chicken?

There are a few different ways to make a buffalo chicken sandwich, but the basic ingredients are always the same: chicken, buffalo sauce, and cheese.

The chicken is usually cooked in the buffalo sauce, though some recipes call for pre-cooked chicken that is then coated in the sauce. The cheese can be any variety that you like, though most recipes call for either cheddar or mozzarella.

Once the chicken and cheese are combined, they are typically served on a hamburger bun or a torpedo roll. Some recipes also include additional toppings, such as ranch dressing or blue cheese crumbles.

Whether you like your buffalo chicken sandwich hot and spicy or mild and cheesy, there’s a recipe out there that’s perfect for you.


Shredded Buffalo Chicken Ingredients

You won’t need much for these quick and easy sandwiches. Here’s what you’ll need:

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