Sprinkle a spoonful over it and you will see the orchid’s flowers and roots growing uninterrupted | January 13, 2024


Now let’s talk about a topic that everyone with a green thumb will like. How many times did your orchid get sick and you didn’t know what to do? 

Very often we are fascinated by the beauty of  orchids  and whether at home or on the balcony, they give us that certain something. However, caring for plants and  flowers is  not that easy, especially when they  get sick  or start to suffer. Now let’s look at a natural fertilizer to save an orchid.

When is an orchid healthy? 

Orchids are beautiful flowers that give the house or our balcony that certain something  For many, caring for plants is a real passion, while for others it is a profession. However, care is  not always easy, either due to the difficulty of the plant or the climate, or due to some diseases.


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