Stuffed Crepe & Egg Breakfast Casserole | September 18, 2023


Looking through my feed yesterday and seeing about a bazzilion different versions of crepes, pancakes, blinis and such I was finally ready to have an idea I’ve carried for a while come to life.
I’m a huge fan of crepes and lately have been making them pretty often. Couple years ago while devouring my serving of crepes, an idea came to my mind that involved putting rolled crepes into a casserole dish and pouring the egg mixture over them. I guess I have a thing for rolling stuff (this cake & this one are a proof of that).

My original idea was to make a sweet version of this Stuffed Crepe & Egg Breakfast Casserole, but this morning I was craving something savory. I had about 4 crepes leftover from the day before, plus I had a small piece of Russian sausage and some mushrooms that I thought would go perfect together. Combining these ingredients I knew that this was going to be something great. My aunt makes these chicken & mushrooms stuffed crepes (similar to Indonesian Rissoles) that she then dips in an egg wash and pan fries. I absolutely love those things and have no self control around them. This casserole is pretty much the same thing but doesn’t involve pan frying and is pretty hands off before serving, which makes it a perfect make ahead breakfast dish. All components can be assembled the day before, stored in the fridge overnight and then baked for breakfast.

Also, I should mention that if rolling is not your thing (I kind of like seeing the swirled crepe), you could layer crepes with the filling (crepe, ham, cheese, scallion, crepe, ham, cheese, scallion, crepe.. and so on) and have this casserole as a layered dish instead of rolled.


Stuffed Crepe & Egg Breakfast Casserole


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