The trick to cleaning the oven “effortlessly”. Even the burned fat disappears | December 4, 2023


The oven is arguably one of the most difficult household appliances to clean.

Indeed, traces of splashes and food residues accumulate after each cooking and clog its walls.
Over time, the oven accumulates a significant amount of dirt and grease stains. Due to lack of time or will, its cleaning is often postponed or even neglected.

As a result, food residues stick to the inner walls of the oven and it becomes very difficult to remove them. And as with all appliances, when maintenance is poorly done, performance cannot be optimal.

How to clean the oven?


If you want to continue preparing roasted dishes without having to spend hours cleaning the oven, the secret is to apply the following trick.

This is based on the use of a laundry product that has proven itself in terms of cleaning.
Clean the oven with a dishwasher cap:

Due to its degreasing and sanitizing properties, dishwasher tablets remain an effective cleaning solution for the oven. To enjoy its many virtues, simply place a capsule on a baking sheet or heat-resistant dish.


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