There are still people who do not know the use of this small hole | July 1, 2024


A padlock is a common item that serves a major purpose.

People use them for their bikes, outdoor sheds, toolboxes, and gates.

They’re designed to withstand the elements and attempts to damage or cut them.

However, they have a secret feature, a small hole on the bottom,


that also serves a major purpose. Using a padlock is one sure way to keep your belongings

safe from being stolen. They’re a small but impactful tool, made of metal. As a result,

padlocks are susceptible to rusting from water damage and extreme weather conditions.

Fortunately, they’re designed with a tiny mystery hole on the bottom, that allows water to escape.


This prevents the padlock from rusting, prolonging its life and use.

Alternative to the Padlock Hole

While the padlock’s tiny hole feature was once revolutionary, weatherproof padlocks are also on the market. This design ensures a padlock will continuously ensure your belongings are safe all year round.

Another Reason for the Padlock Design

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