These are the steps you need to follow to properly clean your pillows | December 17, 2023


When we embark on the search for the  perfect pillow  for our rest, we usually let ourselves be guided by our personal preferences; Rarely, however, do we consider the ease or difficulty of keeping them impeccable even if, over time, they tend to accumulate  germs  ,  mites  and  unpleasant stains .  It is therefore important that you prioritize their maintenance and that you know  the steps to follow to properly clean your cushions.

Steps to properly clean your pillows

Cleaning pillows correctly is not only essential to maintaining proper hygiene, but also to prolonging their life. If you want to keep them stain-free and effectively disinfected,  follow these practical, effective and economical steps.

Step 1: Know the manufacturer’s instructions

Before you begin cleaning your pillows, it is important to consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding pillow care. Make sure it is suitable for machine washing. Generally, pillows made from synthetic fibers and feathers are suitable for this cleaning method, while those made from latex or foam require specific care.


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