This girl has not cut her hair for 20 years and has got a huge hair, over 8ft long! It’s amazing how much shampoo she consumes when she washes her hair | September 18, 2023

33-year-old Alia Nasyrova is not an ordinary looking woman. On the contrary, her appearance is so staggering that she attracts the attention of many wherever she goes. Why you may wonder. Well, it is because of her incredibly long hair which reaches 90 inches.


Speaking of her stunning locks, Alia says, “I started to grow my hair because since childhood I liked long hair very much. And I was always attracted (to) long hair heroines from fairy tales.” The Latvian-born woman now works as “a very long hair model, and is also a Queen of super long hair!”

She earns her living from offering exclusive content of her hair to paying fans.

On her website, she writes, “I dream of traveling the world, looking for long-haired girls, telling about them and showing this beauty, which I treat as an art.”


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