Tricks for cleaning kitchen cabinets: goodbye grease and accumulated dirt | January 25, 2024


How to clean cabinets correctly

Cleaning the cabinets is not difficult, but it is really very important to be able to cook in a clean environment and avoid discomfort. Furthermore, grease also tends to retain other dirt such as dust mites.

In fact, it is often precisely for this reason that it is possible to notice opaqueness in the doors and in all those areas soaked in grease. To clean everything perfectly, fortunately, it will not be necessary to buy particular expensive detergents or specific products. There are two tricks to get perfectly clean cabinets.\

The first involves using vegetable oil, baking soda, a toothbrush and a cloth. Then mix the oil and bicarbonate until you obtain a creamy mixture. With the help of the toothbrush, take a part of the mixture and rub it on the parts affected by the grease.

The compound can also be used several times because it does not risk ruining the affected piece of furniture. Once all the grease has been removed, you can use the damp cloth; this is intended to eliminate remaining fat residues . You can repeat the process as many times as you wish.


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