Unleash the Tropical Delight: How to Cultivate Mango Trees in Pots | November 20, 2023


Planting Mango Trees in Pots: Unveiling the Journey

To begin your mango tree adventure in a pot, the first step is extracting the seed from the fruit. The mango seed, flat, elongated, and sizable, should be removed from the fruit using a knife. Allow the seed to air dry for a few days – the yellow fibers will transform to a whitish hue. Next, carefully split the seed open with a sharp knife. Beware, as the mango seed is robust and woody. For ease, perforate it from the flatter, thinner end.

Inside the seed lies… another seed! The outer layer serves as a mere casing, harboring the actual seed that will give birth to your mango plant. Delicately wrap the seed in a moistened absorbent paper; then place this “bundle” into a plastic container or a zip-lock food storage bag. Ensure the blotting paper remains damp over the following days. If it dries out, a gentle mist of water will keep the seed consistently moist.

In a matter of days, the initial dark red root filament and the tender light green sprout will emerge from the seed. Allow the incubation process to continue a little while longer to fortify the root and sprout before transferring to a pot.


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