Vinegar, not in the kitchen but in the bedroom: just a small glass in the closet | Your clothes will thank you. | January 23, 2024


Vinegar has a thousand properties, it is useful in the kitchen for preparing a thousand delicious dishes, but also for cleaning.

It is used to  degrease pots and dishes  , to disinfect surfaces and polish them. In short, it is considered  a natural remedy  for any problem and for all situations.

That is why it is not surprising that it is said that vinegar  can also be stored in the cupboard  . Whoever tries to add even just one glass  will no longer be able to do without it.

A glass of vinegar, a thousand advantages

A glass of vinegar  , or in some cases just half a glass, can change your life. Simply pour 120 ml into the washing machine, replacing your usual detergent, to ensure that the washed clothes are  perfectly clean  . Anyone who uses bleach to dye or perfume will realize how useless and overly aggressive it can be. There are natural products that work even better.


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