Why do we always have to put vinegar in the washing machine? | November 6, 2023

As time marches on, the pristine whiteness of linen fades, yielding to a yellowed hue that speaks of countless washes and wear. The once-new garments lose their luster, not always restored by the ceaseless churn of the washing machine or the harsh chemistry of detergents. However, the solution may not lie in more detergent but in a simple, natural, and ecological product: white vinegar. Let’s explore the reasons for incorporating white vinegar into your laundry routine.
The Magical Laundry Benefits of White Vinegar:
A Natural Softener: Hard water can be a bane for fabrics, causing towels and clothes to stiffen over time due to limescale deposits. Introducing 250 ml of white vinegar into your washing cycle works wonders. It acts as a water softener, breaking down the limescale, leading to softer clothes and preventing the nuisance of lint.
Homemade Fabric Softener: For an added touch of softness and a pleasant scent, concoct your own fabric softener with these ingredients:

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