10 succulent plants that you can keep in water and won’t rot | January 4, 2024


Reproducing succulents in water is something that all lovers of this type of plant should know. Succulents are almost always kept in soil, yet they can also be kept in water without the risk of damaging them or, even worse, rotting them.

In general, succulents are not easy plants to propagate. They can be propagated through leaves, cuttings, or by division, but had you ever thought it was possible to propagate them in water? Below we explain how to do it and list the succulents that are best suited for this practice.

How to propagate succulents in water

Step one. Choose the succulents you want to propagate and detach a stem from the mother plant. Use a well-sharpened cutter to avoid damaging the plant.


Second step. Let the cut heal for about 2-3 days. Once healed, the plant is ready to generate roots if placed in water.

Step three. Fill a container with water and dip the piece of succulent into it. Make sure there is a space between the cut and the water to allow air to pass through. The plant needs water and oxygen to access nutrients.

Step four. Once the roots are formed, you can transplant the succulent into a pot, or keep it in water, changing the latter whenever it becomes cloudy.


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