Dirty lights, how to remove mold: here is the natural remedy | February 29, 2024


Eliminate mold and dirt from your windows, there is a very simple method that requires natural ingredients. Here’s what it is.

Whether old or new, windows and doors are  extremely susceptible to mold and grime  . This is due to the fact that mold is a fungus that tends to proliferate in places with high humidity and often in contact with water. In fact, windows and doors often create condensation due to the temperature difference that occurs between the outside temperature and that inside the house. A phenomenon that mainly occurs in winter and during rainy months. This mold growth is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but  can also harm the health of those who live with this fungus at home. It is for this reason that its elimination and prevention are necessary.

To eliminate this problem you don’t need any complicated or expensive techniques, just follow our tips and our short guide to get rid of mold. Let’s see together all the dynamics that give rise to the formation of the fungus and how to stop its appearance.

Mold around window frames: this is why it appears

The main cause of mold is condensation  . Condensation can be defined as a very thin layer of water that covers windows when cold and warm air come into contact. The same thing, if you think about it, happens when you take a glass bottle out of the refrigerator: this wet halo is created on the surface of the bottle. The same thing happens on our window panes: outside the air is very cold, inside it is hot. The windows will start to fill with condensation. There is a simple way to prevent it from forming  and the solution will amaze you  .


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