Old Fashioned Cream Custard Pie | September 18, 2023


Old Fashioned Cream Custard Pie is grandma’s delicious recipe, its very easy to make too! With silky smooth custard, sensational flavor and just the perfect texture. You can even save time and just use a store-bought refrigerated pie crust or you can use your favorite homemade crust recipe!

I have been adding so many of my late grandmothers pie recipes this week- please stay tuned for many more before baking season starts- this one here is a family favorite! This is an incredible yet simple pie recipe.
It is just waiting for your choice of toppings! Hubby loves caramel sauce on his but I enjoy mine with just a little whipped cream! Also, if you want to make it richer and really dress it up add an extra yolk 

Its so easy! I just throw everything in the bowl, used a mixer for about 1 minute, poured it in the pie shell and popped it in the oven! Only one big problem….


I can never get more than one slice before it’s all gone! LOL Every person who tastes this pie wants the recipe and says it’s the best they have ever eaten. Even the people who ‘say’ they really didn’t care for custard pie, changed their tunes rather quickly after one bite!

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