6 tips for cleaning tile joints | April 28, 2024


Cleaning tiles is rarely a breeze. And this is especially true if the joints have had time to accumulate impurities. And since we don’t always have time to clean them, we offer you some effective grandmother’s tips to make your tiles shine effortlessly.

How do you clean tile joints?

Tiles are constantly exposed to dirt, grease, dust and humidity. This is especially true in our bathrooms and kitchens, while dirty joints make the situation even worse. Do you think cleaning them up is an obstacle course? Think again. You can quickly get around the problem with the right gestures and make the tiles shine without having to scrub.

1. Dishwashing liquid or Marseille soap

Often, being methodical is all it takes to make cleaning surfaces in your home easier. And your tiles are no exception. To clean them effectively and effortlessly, we simply recommend using a degreaser of your choice and using it wisely. Here you can use dish soap or liquid Marseille soap.

How to do?

Make a mixture of a teaspoon of dish soap or Marseille soap and a glass of warm water


Soak a soft cloth or sponge with the solution

Clean the tiles and grout with a sponge gently and firmly

Use a clean cloth to wipe and voila!


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