Here’s how to clean the shower tray to eliminate mold in the corners | January 3, 2024


When we think of the  shower , we necessarily think of all the well-being it provides and the fact of washing away  all the fatigue  thanks to a jet of water passed over the body.

Unfortunately, the mental image associated with the shower stall is not always so idyllic, as  this environment  tends to be easily  dirty and filled with mold  due to the  high concentration of humidity .

But from today this won’t happen again, because together we are going to discover  some natural homemade methods to make the shower tray shine again and remove mold in the corners!


The first tip we suggest is to use bicarbonate  ,  known to our grandmothers for its  cleaning, degreasing and stain removing properties. So all you need to do is mix  4 glasses of water  and  a glass of baking soda  in a bowl until you get  a smooth mixture.


Then, apply it to the entire surface of the shower tray and leave it to act  for about 10 minutes . Finally, rinse everything and  your shower tray will be cleaner and shiny than it has ever been!

For  specific cleaning of shower corners , you can, however, apply  this same compound to the spots blackened by mold,  using a sponge, then leave to act for a moment and rinse.


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