3 Effective Tips to Remove Black Mold from Walls in 5 Minutes | January 1, 2024


The   rainy season   can   become a nightmare  for our homes, especially if  we have leaks or humidity problems   that   “eat” the ceilings and walls,   deteriorating the structure  , and even worse,   your health can be affected by breathing mold spores or by promoting the proliferation of mites  .

If you’ve noticed   moisture stains  , try  these 3  tips to remove black mold from walls in 5 minutes  .

What is black mold?

Mold is a   kind of fungus   that grows in   places where humidity is abundant and sunlight is scarce  ,  for example,   on the ceiling and walls due to rain puddles  ,  around a leak or in the bathroom due to lack of ventilation.


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