Don’t despair, grandma’s trick to clean oven dirt in 3 minutes | April 6, 2024


How to clean the oven from dirt in just a few minutes? Grandma’s method is back in fashion and allows everyone to have an impeccable oven.

Aluminum foil in the oven.
To clean oven dirt in just a few minutes, you have to take a step back, leave aside all the products we know today and simply use grandma’s method. A particular and very interesting method, which consists of using a specific product and another that can help eliminate all the dirt embedded over time. The advice is to clean the oven every day to avoid hard-to-remove limescale . Let’s see how to do it?

Cleaning dirt from the oven: grandma’s method
Grandma’s method for cleaning oven grime is to use aluminum foil and dishwasher tablets. A unique and very particular remedy, but the only one that allows you to completely eliminate dirt from the inside. Alternatively, you can opt for baking soda and lemon , which contain the same cleaning and descaling powers.

Oven cleaning method
What to do before continuing?


There must be no dishes or leftovers from the day before inside the oven;
Degrees should be set to 100;
The cube should be placed in a baking dish;
Pour the hot water where the ball is and let it sit for two hours.
Before turning on the oven, cover the pieces with aluminum foil to absorb any dirt stuck inside the oven.

After two hours of application, clean with a soft sponge and slowly remove buildup. By removing the film you can also remove dirt that should not come off.

Why use these cleaning products?
Using a dishwasher tablet may seem unusual. In reality, this is not the case, because in just a few minutes you can make your oven look like new again. Thanks to the water and the high temperature, the cleaning properties of the tablet will be applied to the different dirty areas. The process is 90% completely autonomous and there is no need to purchase other cleaning products.


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