Learn how to plant lemon in a cup and your house will always smell good | December 17, 2023


Just as we feel a certain discomfort when we find ourselves in the presence of bad odors, it is undeniable that having a house that smells good increases our good mood and contributes to our feeling of well-being. And since we all want to feel good when we’re at home, here’s how to give your interior a touch of freshness. Learn how to grow small lemon trees by germinating and planting lemon seeds.

The lemon tree is a plant which has the particularity of giving off a very pleasant and refreshing aroma and of perfuming the space around it, and which is also very aesthetic. By growing it at home, you will not only benefit from a pleasant smell but you will also beautify your interior.

Also, why not swap the usual flower pot for a lemon tree?

How to grow lemon in a pot?


Before you get started, here’s what you’ll need:

a few fresh lemons and preferably organic

— potting soil

— a flowerpot or cup


— small stones

– some water

— paper towel

Now here’s how to do it:

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