7 hotel tips to keep your bathroom sparkling clean (Page 2 ) | January 13, 2024

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    1. Clean the toilet
      The toilet is surely one of the places in the bathroom most prone to mold and limescale buildup. Cleaning them frequently is a matter of hygiene, but it is not necessarily necessary to use chemical products to sanitize them. You surely have natural and non-aggressive ingredients at home that will do the job perfectly. Take, for example, baking soda: it is an excellent cleaner with degreasing, anti-mold and anti-limescale properties. It not only cleans dirt thoroughly, but also eliminates bad odors. Combined with lemon, which also deodorizes the premises and provides a sour smell, it is the ideal remedy to clean your toilets!

Mix 3 g of baking soda with 2 g of lemon juice and 10 ml of warm water. Pour the toilet and use a toilet brush to clean the inside. Finally, flush the toilet. This method is also useful for unclogging the toilet.

  1. Clean the toilet brush
    It is essential to clean this bathroom accessory, since it is constantly exposed to dirt, but also to bacteria and microbes that can be harmful to our health.

It’s very simple: just pour some boiling water into the brush holder, then add small amounts of baking soda, detergent, vinegar and salt. Soak the toilet brush in the solution for 5 minutes and then flush it down the toilet. Like baking soda, white vinegar is also highly recommended for cleaning your bathroom, as it is packed with stain-removing and degreasing properties.


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