How to recover rough towels with chamomile | April 19, 2024


How annoying is it to dry yourself with a hard, rough towel ? It may happen that, after many uses and many washes, towels become damaged due to the accumulation of soap and softener residues between the fibers of their fabric.

It is useless to try to recover hard and rough towels with other washes or with an excess of fabric softener: the result will still be even counterproductive, and we will end up with an even rougher garment to the touch.

But nothing is lost: there are natural remedies that allow us to recover old towels in a very short time and with the minimum possible effort.

The most effective method is to prepare a chamomile fabric softener . This excellent plant not only has a calming effect, but can relax the fibers of towels and make them look like new again .


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