Pans with encrustations, forget about detergents: 1 ingredient is enough | They will be like new | April 29, 2024


Do you have aluminum pans with black patina inlays? No problem, cleaning them is very simple and you can do it with some ingredients you find at home.

Aluminum pans are excellent and are the best for cooking since with them it is almost impossible for what you are cooking to burn  . They are increasingly found in kitchens since they achieve homogeneous cooking, but the only defect is that over time they become

they blacken.

This is because the material from which they are made, being very light and resistant to high temperatures, oxidizes very easily over time. That’s why it tends to turn black. That black actually tends to protect the metal from corrosion.


However, it becomes not only an aesthetic defect but also unhygienic. Therefore, you must go and clean them but very carefully. It is actually very easy to clean these pans and there are several remedies to polish pans that have turned black.

You can say goodbye to the chemicals you buy at the supermarket because you can make it with natural ingredients you find at home. They are the so-called grandmother’s remedies that always surpass chemical mixtures and are also more sustainable for the environment.

Here’s how to clean scaled aluminum pans.

Aluminum pans are allies in the kitchen since they are easy to handle and very resistant. However, they tend to rust and form a black patina  . However, there is no problem with this because it is very easy to remove it.

The most effective ingredient is undoubtedly baking soda  , which actually has descaling properties. Simply add a teaspoon of baking soda to a bowl and add water little by little until you get a creamy mixture.


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