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The warm, fuzzy feeling of mashed potatoes is sure to put anybody at ease. A comforting embrace in a dish. Now take that warm and fuzzy feeling and add some cheese (because cheese improves everything, doesn’t it?). Then add a playful twist and you have Cheesy Mashed Potato Puffs! For those moments when you want to show off your culinary skills—or simply indulge yourself—this meal takes a traditional side and transforms it into whimsical, individual puffs. The puffs’ whimsical spin on classic potato meals has resulted in a delicious combination of mashed potatoes and melted cheese, encased in a golden shell that is both crunchy and incredibly luscious.
Luckily, these little golden gems are very adaptable, so you won’t have any trouble deciding what to serve them with. To lighten the dish, try serving it with a crisp garden salad and your preferred dressing. If you’re looking for something more cosier, try them with some roasted tomato soup. Serve with a savory grilled steak or roast chicken for a heartier dinner for an additional delight.
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Puffed Cheese Mash Potatoes

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