How to perfume your house by vacuuming | April 19, 2024


One of the most pleasant sensations we can experience with our senses are aromas. This is why so many of us spend a small fortune on products to perfume our home . There is nothing better than coming home and smelling a pleasant, relaxing scent .

In this article we will explain a very simple trick to perfume the whole house, with the vacuum cleaner . As bizarre as it may seem, it doesn’t take much to have a pleasant aroma throughout your home without spending additional money.

When you use your vacuum cleaner, you may have noticed that in addition to sucking up dust and dirt, it also releases clean air through the bag where debris gets trapped. You can take advantage of this blast of clean air to aromatize your entire home .

Choose an essential oil of your choice . You can also choose more than one and mix them to make your own custom flavor. Some aromas that relax and neutralize other odors are: lavender, cinnamon, vanilla and citrus . You can also use a perfume that you no longer use.


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