Put a plastic bag on the broom, all housewives do it: more than just vacuum cleaners | April 16, 2024


To sweep better you don’t need a vacuum cleaner, just a broom and a plastic bag. Here’s how to do it.

Keeping the floor at home clean is always difficult, especially if there are small children in the house. Dust, hair, dog or cat hair accumulate on the floor and sweeping it every day and in the wrong world is really boring and wastes a lot of time. That’s why there is a method that will help you sweep faster, a homemade trick.

Every day you take care of household chores and there is always some trick that helps you put in less effort. From natural and DIY products to additional items. In any case, we always try to alleviate the tedious cleaning, both dusting and sweeping and washing the floors.

Broom and plastic bag: the trick that changes your cleaning

Many times the broom does not sweep well and causes hair and dirt to adhere to the bristles. But get a plastic bag and this won’t happen again. The only thing left is to put the broom in it and start sweeping.


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