Clean and shiny tiles: this is how you get them | April 22, 2024


Keeping tiles always clean and shiny is not an easy task. However, it is no longer advisable to use chemical products, which increase the chances of altering the enamel and damaging the surfaces. That is why it is worth resorting to natural solutions capable of eliminating mold and blackened joints. They are common problems that affect tile floors due to the test of time, but also frequent use and contact with different types of dirt.

Clean and shiny tiles: this is how you get them

There is no need to spend money on supermarket detergents that cost a fortune. You can achieve results that live up to expectations thanks to the power of natural products.

These have both cleaning and stain removing properties. First, there is baking soda, a white powder prized for its slightly abrasive action.


It not only removes stubborn stains, but also absorbs bad odors.

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