Sugar in the washing machine, put a spoonful: surprising what happens to the clothes | April 22, 2024


Doing the washing machine requires a lot of attention and patience, because before putting items in the drum, whether clothes, underwear, towels or curtains, it is necessary to remove the stains, carry out pre-treatment and only then start washing.

We usually go to the supermarket to buy hundreds of hygiene and home care products , but above all to wash the washing machine. In fact, the laundry is never short of detergents of any kind, both for colored and white garments. Liquid or powder detergents, stain removers, fabric softeners of any aroma, so that they can be changed periodically, so as not to get used to the same smell and get tired.

Few people know that sometimes these products are useless , because there are some natural ingredients that give the same results, among other things without spending too much.

The natural ingredient that is never missing in the kitchen, which can also be used in the washing machine

They are ingredients that are never lacking in the kitchen, that are used to season food or to clean, degrease and sanitize, for example vinegar or baking soda.


There is a particular ingredient, which we usually use for savory yeast products, but also for desserts, which once added to the basket or washing machine drawer  can give incredible, unexpected and beautiful results. We are talking about sugar . It may seem strange, because the idea of ​​washing clothes with sugar gives a negative, dirty or sticky feeling, but in reality it is not like that.

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