How do you polish the blackened bottom of pots and pans with these 5 tips? | April 25, 2024


Discover the  5 tips for  polishing the blackened bottom of pots and pans  . When preparing meals in the kitchen,  the bottoms of pots and pans are never safe from soot stains.  For some reason:  too high heat, sauces boiled over or oil spilled  , it is possible that  dirt gets caked on and stains the dishes  .

How do you polish the blackened bottom of pots and pans with these 5 tips?

With white vinegar

It is the best solution. This ingredient, which is undoubtedly present in your home, is  known for its degreasing and cleaning properties.

To do this,  you will need to soak the bottom of the materials in a bowl of pure, undiluted vinegar for several hours.

With lemon

Citrus fruits  have strong cleaning power thanks to their acidic properties  . That is why  it is also able to remove black stains from pans  .


Half of the ingredient is  rubbed vigorously onto the floor  or  the juice is poured directly onto the surface to be polished and left to act for a few hours  . Then remove  the residue with a suitable brush or sponge.

Polish the blackened bottoms of pots and pans with powdered salt

This ingredient is one of the most effective, not only  for improving the taste of meals, but also for various cleaning tasks around the house  .

With this in mind  , it is advisable to sprinkle the spice on the surfaces that are too shiny and continue with the juice of a lemon or boiling water.  Always let it  sit before rubbing.

With baking powder

It is one of the most versatile elements available in the home. What makes it effective is none other than  its degreasing, cleansing, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-stomach reflux action  .


Bicarbonate is therefore  an ideal agent for removing stubborn dirt from kitchen utensils  .

  1. The application is simple: just sprinkle  a little  white powder  on the blackened surfaces.
  2. Then  immerse in boiling water  .
  3. Let it work and after a few hours the dirt will disappear  .

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