How to grow strawberries in pots on the balcony (Page 1 ) | December 14, 2023


This way you can always have fresh strawberries available.

Strawberries  are a very widespread and valued fruit, the basis of many sweet preparations.

To always have them to hand at home, you can also  grow them at home , for example on the  balcony . It is a plant that is not too complicated to grow, making it perfect even for the inexperienced

So let’s look at what to pay special attention to when growing strawberries in  pots .


  • 1 pot
  • 1 saucer
  • Clay
  • Strawberry seedlings


  1. Fill the pot with potting soil and place the seedling in it. Compact the soil with your hands, possibly adding more soil to fill the pot.
  2. Place the seedling in a location where it can enjoy both shade and sun during the day.
  3. Water plenty, but be careful of stagnation, so make sure the soil is almost completely dry before watering again.
  4. However, remember to protect the seedlings from the cold as much as possible in winter. To make it, you can cover the ground with dry leaves.


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