7 Effortless Tips for a Clean and Healthy Microwave! | October 13, 2023


o clean your microwave impeccably , no need to use harsh chemicals! Indeed, grandmother’s tips for cleaning and disinfection offer a safe, ingenious and effective alternative that can be adapted to this modern heating and cooking appliance to keep it clean and hygienic in all circumstances. By using natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, you can eliminate splashes, unpleasant odors and unwanted germs lurking in your microwave, all without spending hours polishing or using it. detergents that ruin health and the planet.

With these ingenious techniques, discover how to clean and disinfect your microwave effortlessly with eco-friendly and economical household products.

The essential rule: clean the microwave regularly

Make it a habit to clean up spills regularly to prevent them from building up. A quick clean after each use can do wonders for maintaining cleanliness. Also remember to always use the bell to avoid splashing food when using it.

How to clean and disinfect the microwave naturally?


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