Death by Chocolate Icebox Cake | September 18, 2023


This Death by Chocolate Icebox Cake was a huge hit! Layers of chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse and chocolate graham crackers are topped with chocolate sauce for a decadent treat that’ll put you in a chocolate coma!

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Death by Chocolate Icebox Cake

So you know what I don’t love? Jeans shopping. If I want to feel not so hot about myself, jeans shopping will surely do it. That must be why I usually wear my jeans until they start to have holes in them before I’m willing to go shopping for them again.

I did a little jeans shopping on Sunday and Monday and the experience was as expected. I tried on mountains of jeans and barely found some that actually fit. Seriously, why is it that every. single. pair. fits differently. I could try on the same size of jeans but because they’re different styles they’d all fit differently. Some big, some so small I can’t put them on.


What is up with that?

And then I find a pair that actually fits well and they come with holes in them. That’s the exact problem I was trying to get rid of to begin with.

Fortunately I was able to find a couple pairs. My favorites were from Express, surprisingly enough. They fit quite well.

Then I did some shoe shopping, which I sometimes have the same problem with. I love shopping for fun shoes like heels. I could buy those babies all day long. But when looking for the basics that I wear most of the time, it’s hard to find stuff I like that fits well.


I finally walked holes right into the bottoms of my favorite flats so I had to get new ones. I literally got the same brand and size assuming they’d fit just as comfortably. Then I wore them for a little bit yesterday and already had problems with them rubbing.

I’d rather shop for cute dresses, tops and heels any day. I just don’t like to wear those every day. Darn it!

I would eat this chocolate icebox cake every day, however. Only problem is, I’d end up jeans shopping again because they wouldn’t fit me anymore if I ate this every day. I will certainly eat my share though.

Tips for Making This Decadent Chocolate Icebox Cake

I absolutely love the simplicity and ease of making icebox cakes. And you can mix up the flavors, making them fun to play with.

This time around I decided to go all in with the chocolate. I mean, when is tons of chocolate not a good idea?


The chocolate mousse-like layer is not a true mousse, but is very mousse-like in texture. It’s also delicious. The chocolate ganache is thicker, so they contrast each other nicely.

The chocolate graham crackers help give the cake it’s structure and hold everything together. Plus, they’re more chocolate.

Then it’s topped with chocolate sauce and mini chocolate chips. Heavenly, I tell you. And if you wanted, you could totally add more chocolate sauce between the layers. You know, if that’s your kind of thing.

This cake was a big hit. All my taste testers were fans. Some of my favorite taste testers are my co-workers kids and I hear there was an argument over who got the last piece of this particular cake. 🙂


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Death by Chocolate Icebox Cake

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