Vinegar in the toilet solves an annoying and very common problem: try it now | April 25, 2024


Taking care of hygiene, order and cleanliness in a home is not easy. There are areas such as the bathroom and especially the toilet that require special attention.

Vinegar in the toilet
Cleaning the toilet is really difficult because no matter what product you use, you will be left with dirty, crusty spots that smell. Added to this are the various rooms that make it difficult to keep them tidy, clean and disinfected, especially when there are children and animals in the house.

Cleaning the bathroom, how to keep it clean, fresh and disinfected at all times
In short, taking care of cleaning the house means investing hours and hours and, despite everything, not being completely satisfied with the result obtained. The bathroom is a difficult area to treat . It requires a lot of attention, it must always be disinfected, clean and perfumed . Hundreds of chemical products are used for this, sometimes they smell bad and are highly toxic, sometimes they mask the toxicity with a good floral scent. They are harmful to health when inhaled , they damage the environment, they can even attack sanitary facilities because they are aggressive, but despite everything they are unlikely to achieve the hoped-for and promised effectiveness . It is important to know that in reality there are many inexpensive natural methods that not only prove to be an excellent remedy, but also do not harm your health and the environment. Let’s talk about vinegar , which manages to remove the most annoying stains in the toilet at home.

How to use vinegar in the toilet
The vinegar is simply poured into the toilet and left to work overnight . It is advisable to do this at night as it is the only time of day when we use it the least. The stains in the toilet can be removed in just a few hours .


Vinegar is able to remove all dark limescale deposits that are unpleasant to look at, smell long-term and usually cannot be completely removed with the products specified. After leaving the vinegar in the toilet overnight, it is important to brush the inside of the toilet thoroughly and carefully as much as possible. It takes a lot of effort, but in the end the toilet will shine. Obviously, this isn’t a miracle technique that you just use once and that’s it. The process is repeated at least once a week.

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