5 Plants that give off a pleasant aroma at night | November 28, 2023


In addition to being a great option for decorating interior environments, some plants also have the power to perfume homes and apartments with their characteristic aromas. Which can be from softer to more intense essences, such as sweets or citrus

The plants that give off perfume at night are usually the most sought after, along with the plants that bloom throughout the year, since their natural aroma is a great option to make the environment more welcoming and pleasant for everyone, and also to relax and make sleep much more restful.

1- Gardenia

The gardenia is an ornamental shrub that, depending on how it is cultivated, can reach 2 m in height. Between spring and early summer, it becomes one of the plants that gives off perfume at night, since between these seasons its beautiful white flowers bloom, providing a sweet and intense aroma.

Generally, the aroma of gardenia is perceived more strongly at dusk and its perception lasts approximately half an hour. But if the plant is grown indoors, its scent can last all night.


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