How to maintain a Moses cradle? | November 14, 2023


Belonging to the Cactaceae family, Moses’ cradle is an easy-care plant. Also called Spathiphyllum, this plant offers an exotic touch to your living space. It stands out for its majestic flowering and is a beautiful decoration as a houseplant. Learn how to care for Moses’ cradle to allow it to flourish throughout the year.
The cradle of Moses, a beautiful plant to grow at home
The cradle of Moses is a perennial plant that requires drained and fertile soil.

Cradle of Moses

Growing and caring for this plant requires some basic knowledge:

Moses Plant Cradle Substrate
Moses Cradle should be planted in a semi-large terracotta pot. It is recommended to put a significant layer of pebbles at the bottom of the pot, then fill the container with a mixture of special indoor plant substrate and compost.


Moses Plant Cradle Display
Moses Cradle needs good indirect light to bloom. An exposure to partial shade is therefore preferable. It must therefore be placed in a bright place, but protected from direct sunlight, otherwise the plant may not flower.

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