4 Unexpected Disinfectants to Deodorize Your Toilet | January 1, 2024


Cleanliness enthusiasts, those who focus too much on the subject of hygiene, are always looking for the best disinfectants.

First rule: Never use chemicals again, it’s very bad for the planet and it has enough problems as it is.

You will ask us: So what should we do to clean thoroughly and eliminate all the foul odors that come from the sewers?

We will tell you that the answer is in the following…


And there will even be daily tips that will help you.

1-Lemon solution:

This solution is not really very surprising, it is already known, but for deodorizing toilets, it is still interesting!

-Take one or two spoons of baking soda

-Add the juice of a lemon


-Mix well

-Pour into the bottom of the bowl and also apply to the walls using a brush or sponge

-Give them time to act together (a few hours)

-Scrub and rinse later


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